As practice has shown, in Ukraine, many people still do not know what gelato is and how it differs from traditional ice cream. Let’s try to figure it out together.
Secondly, the difference in ingredients. For the first, only fresh cow’s milk and cream are used (there is also a gelato based on soy milk for vegetarians and those who suffer from lactose intolerance), as well as natural fruits and additives. Therefore, it contains less fat (4-12% versus 12-35% in regular ice cream) and sugar (14-22% versus 21-25%). By the way, sugar is not added to make the dessert sweeter – it helps to lower the freezing point and increase the viscosity. For the same purposes, to achieve the best effect, dextrose is used (up to 20% of all sugars in the product).
Important: you cannot replace all the sugar with dextrose, since such a product will melt too quickly, and it will not taste so pleasant.
As for fruits, they are added to the mix fresh, frozen or puree and are natural flavors.

Of course, an important ingredient in making gelato or ice cream is air, with which the mass is whipped. Industrial ice cream is saturated with air by 50% or more, increases its volume and reduces the palatability, and gelato – up to 25%. That is why it melts much longer.
And finally, the shelf life, ordinary ice cream can have periods of up to 4 years, while gelato, due to its naturalness, can be stored for up to three days at a temperature of -15 ° C -18 ° C and up to three months at a temperature of -18 ° C-25 ° C.

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We are always happy to share our experience with you! Let’s create the best products in Ukraine together!